Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online


This guide provides resources about integrating feminist pedagogy and technology into online, hybrid, and traditional undergraduate courses. It was specifically designed to support interdisciplinary topics and fields and focuses on active learning practices in social sciences, the liberal arts, and the humanities. As we design and curate this guide, we keep the following tenets of feminist pedagogy in mind.

Feminist Pedagogical Tenets

  • Connecting to the personal and to communities outside of academia
  • Promoting reflexivity
  • Concern with materiality (bodies, labor, not just virtual and discursive)
  • Treating students as agentic co-educators
  • Building equity, trust, mutual respect, and support
  • Promoting cooperative learning
  • Presenting knowledge as constructed
  • Examining how gender, intersecting with other social categories, structures our lives, learning, and knowledge production, access to resources and information
  • Uncovering the causes of inequality and leveraging resources toward undoing power structures
  • Honoring diversity and lived experiences through intersectional approaches.
  • Considering alternative histories and narratives
  • Examining the “why” in addition to the “what”
  • Cultivating self-care and boundaries

Feminist Pedagogy in the Online Environment

  • Humanizing online teaching/learning
  • Creating cultures of care in online classrooms
  • Examining (dis)embodiment in virtual teaching/learning
  • Using technology intentionally to build communities and enhance learning

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Contribute: You may contribute to this guide by sharing resources and tools that you have used in the past or your own assignments. We also welcome feedback such as suggestions for improvement, reporting broken links, and/or questions about feminist pedagogy and online education. If you do not have access to a file in this guide, please contact us. feministpedagogyonline@gmail.com

Call for Assignments: The Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online Guide promotes the feminist pedagogical practices of educators. FPTO is seeking assignments that operationalize one or more of the feminist pedagogical tenets listed in the “Introduction.” Selected annotated assignments will be featured on the guide and assignment authors will also be listed as contributors to FPTO in the “About” section. To submit an assignment for consideration, make a copy of the this template, format your instructions and annotations how you want them to be published, and share your proposed annotated assignment with feministpedagogyonline@gmail.com. See the template for more detailed instructions.

Call for Book ChaptersFeminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online will be an edited collection of essays and corresponding digital components that serves as a pedagogical resource book for these educators, across disciplines in higher education. It will provide readers with tangible examples of online praxis that align with the tenets of feminist pedagogy. This book will fill a gap in existing literature in online pedagogy as well as feminist pedagogy, providing theory, method, and tools for bringing feminist principles to distance learning. Submit your proposal for a book chapter to be considered for the new edited collection titled Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online, by July 2, 2021. For more information, see the Call for Book Chapters.

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