You may contribute to this guide by sharing resources and tools that you have used in the past, your own assignments, or blog posts that reflect on your pedagogy. We also welcome feedback such as suggestions for improvement, reporting broken links, and/or questions about feminist pedagogy and online education. If you do not have access to a file in this guide, please contact us at

Call for Assignments

The Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online Guide promotes the feminist pedagogical practices of educators. FPTO is seeking assignments that operationalize one or more of the feminist pedagogical tenets listed in the “About” section. Selected annotated assignments will be featured on the guide and assignment authors will also be listed as contributors to FPTO in the “About” section. To submit an assignment for consideration, make a copy of this template, format your instructions and annotations how you want them to be published, and share your proposed annotated assignment with See the template for more detailed instructions.

Call for Blog Posts

The editors of the Feminist Pedagogy for Teaching Online guide are looking for friendly and accessible blog post submissions that illustrate innovative ways in which educators integrate feminist pedagogy into online teaching and learning.

Possible Topics:

Humanizing online teaching and learning
Creating cultures of care in online classrooms
Examining (dis)embodiment in virtual teaching and learning
Using technology intentionally to build communities and enhance learning
Feminist Pedagogy in the Era of Big Tech
The designing, implementation, or evaluation of assignments that integrate feminist pedagogical tenets
Book reviews related to feminist pedagogy for virtual teaching and learning

Blog Submissions Guidelines:

– Clearly connect the topic to online learning and teaching and feminist pedagogy.

– Blog posts should be 750 words maximum in length.

– Be conversational in your writing.

– Avoid jargon or technical terminology.

– You are welcome to use “I” and “you”.

– Consider using shorter paragraphs and subheadings throughout your text.

– You are encouraged to hyperlink to resources in the text of your blog.

– Include in-text citations and a reference list in APA 7th edition format. 

– Include a short bio about yourself, social media links, and other contact information.

– Your submission should be made using a Google document.

Once you are ready to submit your blog post draft for publication, email the link of the Google document to to start the editorial review process. You can expect a response form the editorial review team within one week from the submission date.

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