By: Dr. Liv Newman 

March 1, 2022

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Feminist Pedagogy for Online Teaching Blog!  It is the hope of the Feminist Pedagogy for Online Teaching website curators that this blog will be a space for feminist educators to share insights and inspiration. 

Promoting the voices of feminist educators who have much to share is central to the vision the curators have for the further development of this community. For too many of us, there are limited opportunities for sharing and learning about the ways in which feminist online pedagogy fosters transformative learning experiences. We may each be the only person in our area who is interested in and employs feminist pedagogy in our online courses. This blog’s goal is to foster connections among online educators across the globe who are infusing their teaching with the tenets of feminist pedagogy.

As local and global contexts change (almost daily it seems) for us and our students, an outlet for real-time, thoughtful ideas and practices is needed. With ever-increasing demands for our attention, learning from colleagues about the transformative powers of teaching and learning in an honest and direct way will benefit feminist pedagogy practitioners and the students we seek to engage and support. While I want to read all the teaching and learning research published, there is too little time to do so. Furthermore, too many voices are not included in those texts. Many of us need concise, to-the-point portrayals of feminist online pedagogy that we can use in our classes now.

This blog seeks to provide a response to the dual needs of giving voice to a growing community of feminist online educators and providing relevant, timely, and honest ideas related to feminist pedagogy in theory and practice. You are invited to contribute your insights and experiences to this blog. The curators want the blog to be a space for and by this community dedicated to feminist pedagogy.

This blog calls for submission related to innovative ways in which educators integrate feminist pedagogy into online teaching and learning. This includes topics related such as:

  • Humanizing online teaching and learning
  • Creating cultures of care in online classrooms
  • Examining (dis)embodiment in virtual teaching and learning
  • Using technology intentionally to build communities and enhance learning
  • Feminist pedagogy in the era of big tech
  • The design, implementation, or evaluation of assignments that integrate feminist pedagogical tenets
  • Book reviews related to feminist pedagogy for virtual teaching and learning

All are invited to contribute. The submission process is simple. Once you are ready to submit your draft for publication, email the Google document link to to start the editorial review process. You can expect a response form the editorial review team within two weeks from the submission date.

Guidelines for Blog Submissions

  • Posts should be 750 words maximum in length.
  • Be conversational in your writing.
  • Avoid jargon or technical terminology.
  • You are welcome to use “I” and “you.”
  • Consider using shorter paragraphs and subheadings throughout your text.
  • You are encouraged to hyperlink to resources in the text of your blog.
  • Include in-text citations and a reference list in APA 7th edition format.
  • Include a short bio, social media links, and other contact information.

About the Author

Dr. Liv Newman is an associate director at Tulane University’s Center for Learning and Teaching.  She teaches a variety of sociology courses on-ground and online at Tulane University and Loyola University in New Orleans.  Feminist pedagogy dovetails her commitment to social justice and providing exceptional learning experiences for students.  On a personal note, Liv considers herself to be a crafty person who enjoys sewing and cooking.